the haitian music industry is mourning


It is with a heavy heart that we receive the news of the passing of yet another legend in the Haitian music industry. Jean Michel ST Victor, fondly known as “Zouzoul,” was a true pioneer who dedicated his life to promoting and uplifting Haitian music.

As a member of the first generation of mini jazz, Zouzoul had big dreams and aspirations for the future of kompa. His untimely departure adds his name to the long list of talented Haitian musicians who have selflessly dedicated their lives to music. They have poured their heart, sweat, and tears into creating a better future for the Haitian music industry and the growth of kompa.

Sadly, Jean Michel St Victor, like many others, did not live to witness the fruition of their efforts. Our music industry continues to face numerous challenges and struggles on various fronts.

After nearly a century, one cannot help but wonder if it is time for the Haitian music industry to come together and form a union. Shouldn’t our talented musicians be entitled to a pension for their invaluable contributions?

This is a sensitive matter that warrants a thoughtful discussion. What are your thoughts on this issue?


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