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Haitian music has been a prominent and integral part of the country’s vibrant cultural scene for many years. From traditional folk music to modern interpretations, the sounds of Haiti reflect the unique history, heritage, and spirit of its people. The traditional Haitian music genre, known as “Mizik Rasin,” “Roots Music” or “Musique Vodou,” combines African rhythms, Creole lyrics, and indigenous musical instruments to create a captivating and memorable listening experience. The music of Haiti has been influenced by various styles such as African, European, and Latin American, resulting in a diverse and rich music scene. Haitian music has also played an important role in the country’s political and social events, serving as a voice for the people and lending a sense of unity and hope in difficult times. From folk to jazz, reggae, zouk, to Kompa, the music of Haiti continues to thrive and inspire audiences around the world.

Liliane Pierre-Paul, a Historic monument

The death of a distinguished journalist in Haiti has sent shockwaves through the nation. In this blog post, we explore the impact of this tragic event on every Haitian. Join us as we delve into the profound loss suffered by the journalism community and reflect on the invaluable contributions made by this remarkable individual. Get ready to gain a deep understanding of the significance of this loss and its implications for the future of journalism in Haiti.

Pierre-Paul, a renowned radio personality, stood as a formidable award-winning journalist, radio station proprietor, and human-rights crusader, unapologetically respected for her no-nonsense attitude. Fearlessly confronting societal issues and injustices—whether driven by a military junta or a president—in a nation tormented by political chaos and corruption and frequently governed by tyrants.

“Liliane’s memory will forever be etched with her unwavering bravery, resolute determination, and deep-rooted convictions in the democratic ideals that claimed so many lives,” said Michèle Montas, a retired Haitian journalist and widow of esteemed Haitian journalist Jean Léopold Dominique.
The Haitian community grieves the loss of one of the most influential journalists in their nation’s history. News of Liliane Pierre Paul’s passing quickly resonates throughout the entire world, with countless individuals shedding tears in her memory. A staunch advocate for freedom and justice, Liliane dedicated her life to championing what was right. Time and again, she rose to defend the invisible, voiceless, and disenfranchised people of Haiti. Although Liliane may no longer be with us physically, her remarkable accomplishments during her time on Earth ensure that her spirit lives on. She now takes her place among an esteemed pantheon of great leaders such as Reverend Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, and Marcus Garvey, to mention a few.


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  1. I never looked much into journalism in Haiti, but it sounds like this woman left behind some big shoes to fill. May her cause in the advocacy of freedom and justice live on!

    1. Yes, indeed she has dedicated her entire life fighting for justice and equality in Haïti. It takes more than guts and courage to achieve that in a country where people’s rights are not respected.

  2. I think that the Haitian people should keep the border close until after the Dominican Republic Election in 2024. If they do that, Abinader will loose, Period. They need to pressure the actual government to ensure safety in the entire country so the people can go anywhere, anytime in Haiti to buy goods. We have plenty foods in all regions and towns in Haiti to feed our people. We spend over 3 millions dollars per week in DR, we can use them to better the life of our own people. Thanks

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