tension between Haiti and the Dominican republic

It’s fascinating to think that Haiti and the Dominican Republic, often referred to collectively as Hispaniola by some media outlets, were once united under the rule of the Haitian government for 21 years. However, this union was anything but perfect. Language barriers, with Haitians speaking French and Dominicans speaking Spanish, caused significant challenges and tensions …

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le phenomene Zafem

Il est difficile de juger si un groupe musical est parfait ou non, car cela dépend desgoûts et des préférences de chacun. Cependant, on peut dire que Zafem a réussi àattirer l’attention et à se faire connaître rapidement sur la scène musicale.Leur rapidité à atteindre le sommet peut être un indicateur de leur talent et …

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About the Haitian music

Haitian music has been a prominent and integral part of the country’s vibrant cultural scene for many years. From traditional folk music to modern interpretations, the sounds of Haiti reflect the unique history, heritage, and spirit of its people. The traditional Haitian music genre, known as “Mizik Rasin,” “Roots Music” or “Musique Vodou,” combines African …

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