The saga in haiti continues


The saga in Haiti continues as the year 2023 draws to a close, marking one of the most tumultuous periods the country has ever faced. In the midst of daily struggles with famine, kidnapping, diseases, and various forms of insecurity, Haitians persistently seek refuge elsewhere, desperate to escape the ongoing turmoil that has plagued them for far too long.

Despite the efforts of the United Nations, a solution remains elusive. The Kenyan mission, intended to provide assistance, was thwarted by their Parliament’s refusal to grant deployment rights to their army in Haiti. Furthermore, tensions between Haiti and the Dominican Republic have escalated, further straining relations between the two neighboring nations.

Haiti witnesses a continuous exodus of its doctors, nurses, agronomists, and engineers, akin to a hemorrhage, leaving the country bereft of vital expertise. Adding to the complexities, Guy Philippe, a former police chief and key figure in the downfall of former president Jean Bertrand Aristide, has been extradited to Haiti after serving six years in a US prison.

Given Haiti’s fragile state, the future remains uncertain, with the potential for any event to unfold at any given moment. Will Guy Philippe’s return be the final catalyst that plunges the country into chaos, or will it bring about a turning point for the better?

What are your thoughts on this ongoing situation in Haiti?


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